Donations To PEG’S Group

Cancer Help

PEG’S Group is dedicated to assisting people who have been affected by cancer. Unfortunately, the current state of the healthcare system prevents many healthcare professionals, institutions and agencies from providing the full comprehensive services that they would like to provide.

Many people affected by cancer do not have the financial means to hire a personal Cancer Navigation Consultant™ and therefore, it is our goal to reach out to those targeted individuals and offer them CNC™ services on a pro bono basis. We intend to contact healthcare institutions and agencies to solicit their assistance in identifying individuals who cannot afford all or part of the cost of our services but who we believe might benefit from CNC™ services. Once we identify such individuals, we will provide pro bono services to the extent our resources permit.

All of our CNC™ have committed to consulting on at least one pro bono case in order to fulfill our commitment to servicing people who have been affected by cancer.

We would like to do more, but to do so we need your help.

Every donation made to PEG’S Group will go directly toward providing CNC™ services to individuals in the NYC area who cannot afford to pay for our services.

For every $50 donated to the PEG’S Group pro-bono fund, one individual or family on our waiting list will receive a visit from one of our Cancer Navigation Consultants™. Your donation can provide these individuals with a much-needed service they cannot otherwise afford.

PEG’S Group is a private for-profit business enterprise. We are not a charitable organization and contributions to our pro-bono fund are not deductible for income tax purposes. Funds donated will be used by us, in our discretion, in the ordinary course of our business, to provide services to clients we deem worthy and whom we find to be unable to pay our regular charges.


Call 718-246-7347 to find out how you can contribute
to helping other people affected by cancer.

PEG’ Group provides professional cancer services to cancer patients and cancer caregivers in the NYC area. However, please call us and see if we can accommodate your needs no matter where you live.